Food For Thought

Tips for Ongoing Success with Good Nutrition

Posted on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 by Pam Anderson

ALWAYS plan your week and write your list!

Cook BIG on a Sunday

  • A roast for loads of leftover protein
  • A MEAL that will yield multiple lunches. Examples include winter casseroles / soups / chilli dishes with mince / rissoles and patties / large salads etc.

Never throw food away – the bottom of the crisper vegetables can be used in the following ways:

  • Large frittatas
  • Mince dishes (with tins of tomatoes and legumes)
  • Diced up in the food processor and made into patties with a protein
  • Simply roasted up on an oven tray with olive oil and seasoning and tossed into a salad

Smoothies: make good snacks / after exercise meals and even breakfasts. Smoothie bags can be made ahead of time and frozen ready to throw in a blender

Involve family including KIDS

Get good at a handful of recipes and rotate them. Great sources for recipes – Teresa Cutter (GF and DF options) / Paleo Leap / Easy Peasy Eats / Jamie Oliver

Cook FREEZER friendly options – many recipes can be frozen either RAW or COOKED and make great weekday meals

Consider alternatives to the supermarket: local markets / ALDI / West End – Mega Continental and Micks Nuts

Find healthier ALTERNATIVES

Educate yourself: Books –Death by Food Pyramid;  Movies: What’s With Wheat? / That Sugar Film

This article was written by Katie King, The Balanced Nutritionist – our nutritionist in residence.