Michelle Mascher

Michelle is the owner of Barefoot Fitness and has been working as a personal trainer for the last 8 years. Over the years Michelle has collected various fitness certifications including fitness boxing instructor, barefoot training specialist, kettle bell instructor and a Certificate III in Nutrition. As a trainer she puts safety and technique first, her approach to workouts is friendly yet challenging. You will find no aggressive yelling in her sessions. “The thing I enjoy most in my job is introducing fitness beginners of any age to the joy of movement and health. Watching unconditioned bodies change into functional bodies is such a joy. For me fitness is never about skinny, it’s always about healthy!”

Katie King

Katie King, aka the Balanced Nutritionist, is our nutritionist in residence. She has a balanced and reasonable approach to health. Shes doesn’t eat or live a perfect lifestyle and realistically she knows you won’t either. And that’s ok. We are doing the best we can and that’s what matters. She is not affiliated with any eating style but she likes aspects of all of the many programs out there, but she eats for herself and wants to help you eat for you.

She has her own clinic, Step into Health where I work other allied health professionals who share her passions. She doesn’t just do diet. She considers the whole you – your lifestyle, nutritional deficiencies, genetic background and past health history.

Katie uses some of her recent experiences as inspiration for her blogs, which you can check out here.

Everything in balance. Including balance itself.