The philosophy behind our gym

Research has shown that corporate health programs bring physical, mental and emotional benefits to employees as well as long-term financial benefits for the employer.

Employers are required to provide a safe and healthy workplace for their workers. Much of the focus is about safety. However, the distinction between work and non-work related illness and disease is becoming less clear. Broadening the scope of workplace health and safety to include health and well-being can provide significant benefits to business and safety performance.

Build Fitness assists our tenant partners to provide healthy lifestyle opportunities and services for everyone in their workplace – at no cost to their business.

Click here to read more about the philosophy behind The Whole-hearted You.

5R’s Room

CTC provides a room available to all workers at the precinct where research, reading, rest and quiet reflection can take place in a private, quiet environment free from the stresses of the office or training room.  

Located next to the Build Fitness Gym on Level 1 of the Ian Barclay Building, the 5R’s Room doubles as a meditation room and contains our Wellbeing Library and rest zone. The room has been fitted out to encourage rest and reflection a includes comfy  recliner/rocker – perfect for a 20 minute nano nap! This goes to creating a positive culture and mindset in the workplace. Byron Bay woo woo? Well the research from the US suggests that the benefits come in better productivity, greater loyalty, better problem-solving and creativity and improved presenteeism (higher levels of attendance at work). All hard, bottom-line measures. The holistic approach to health, where physical and mental/spiritual are addressed as a complete package, along with the sympathetic functioning of the building,  are delivering workplaces where people actually do want to come to work and do their best.

Starting life as the 4R’s Room, in July 2017 we added another R to make it the 5R’s Room. R for Recording. The room provides the perfect quiet space to record podcasts. The studio-quality USB microphone powered by a USB port means that users can just plug the microphone into their device and get started right away. Quality headphones block out noise so pod-casters can hear what they sound like while they’re recording.

How does the gym operate?

Build Fitness is a compact gym located in Room 1.6 of the Ian Barclay Building. The following equipment has been installed:

  • Rowing machine – Concept 2D Model Rower
  • Treadmill – Sole F85
  • Cross trainer – Schwinn 470 with incline Elliptical
  • Bike – Diamondback 91UB
  • Adjustable bench with weight sets
  • Medicine balls, rollers and other small items

Users are assessed and inducted by a qualified fitness instructor before being allowed access to the gym. A small annual amenity fee of $60 is charged.

Download the Build Fitness Gym Members Handbook for more detail about membership and apply for membership on the Build Fitness Membership Application Form.

Personal training, group sessions and gym inductions

We want members to train safely when they use the use the gym. For this reason, it will be a requirement to undergo an initial fitness assessment and induction before membership is granted.  We are fortunate to have Fitness Instructor, Michelle Mascher, owner of Barefoot Fitness to conduct these assessments and inductions.

Michelle conducts two FREE group fitness sessions each week in the Build Fitness gym – Mondays at 4:30-5:15pm and Wednesdays at 7:00-7:45am. All fitness levels are catered for.  All gym members can participate – just come along on Monday afternoon or Wednesday morning and chat to Michelle about your fitness goals.

Michelle is also available for one-on-one personal training in the gym – additional fees apply.