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CTC’s Launches the “4R’s Room” – A Place to Read, Research, Rest & Reflect!

Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 by Pam Anderson

CTC has launched a room which is available to all workers at the precinct where research, reading, rest and quiet reflection can take place in a private, quiet environment free from the stresses of the office or training room.  Located next to the Build Fitness Gym on Level 1 of the Ian Barclay Building, the 4R’s Room doubles as a meditation room, a rest zone and also contains our library of well-being and management books.

We live in a fast-paced world, particularly the world of business, where 24/7 connectivity has fast become the norm. Workers are meant to be problem-solving and helping to grow our enterprises in a socially and environmentally responsible way throwing in lashings of creativity as they do so.

For many this occasions the sort of negative stress not conducive to positive physical or mental health. Management researchers and leading-edge managers now recognize that workplace wellness (as opposed to the previous overwhelming concentration on safety) is a key issue in managing people in the 21st Century.

What the 4Rs concept does is provide a quiet place where mental and ‘spiritual’ development can happen alongside the physical component which is addressed next door in the Buildfitness 24/7 gym. CTC has already conducted Precinct-wide mindfulness training and the 4Rs room is an ideal location for some meditation or quiet reflection associated with mindfulness. The research on the benefits of mindfulness and meditative practice in the workplace is now without question.

Often we get so embroiled in the minutiae of our jobs that we fail to look up to take a more critical or lateral perspective. In an age of ‘data’ staff often make decisions and take actions based on feelings or their “vain brain” without a good theoretical or research-based underpinning. Some will cite many years of experience as the basis upon which decisions are made. This does not enable effective decision-making. Many take decisions with little or no sound under-pinning because of the fast environment in which they find themselves. Indeed many managers are still not across EQ and neuroscience which can explain poor decisions based on unconscious bias or the “deceitful brain”.

To this end a library of management textbooks and latest journals are available in the 4Rs Room to enable staff and managers to browse or borrow to improve their understanding of the art and science of management. The 4Rs room provides a quiet space to read these texts. CTC subscribes to many journals as a feature of the range of activities we undertake and these are made available to borrow for the benefit of the whole Precinct.

A full catalogue of publications is available via the Build Fitness homepage by clicking here (The catalogue can be downloaded from the list of files at the bottom of the page).